A non-GIS mosaic application for Orfeo?

It is a continuing revelation that so much excellent support like Orfeo is made freely available.

I am preparing images of C19th prints at higher resolution than can be achieved by simple scanning or photography. I have constructed a robotic scanner that takes a mosaic of photographs (25-2,000) at ca 1:3 with an overlap of 34%. These are then composited to create the final image, up to ca. 3 GB.
I have tried a number of compositing programs, but none are quite reliable. Attached is a typical problem of misalignment between tesserae (made with MS ICE).
Is Orfeo a suitable solution to this problem?
From reading the documentation, I cannot see a setting to force alignment of the physical position of the photographs as taken, accurate to ca +/- 0.5%. This would be needed to help resolve and place ambiguous features.
If not, can you suggest suitable alternatives?
Thank you

Hello, and thanks for your interest in OTB,

while a lot of OTB algorithms could in theory be applied to any kind of imagery, I think the Mosaic application is aimed at creating mosaics of images with geographic information. It might be possible to create a mosaic using your images by adding metadatas to your images (using gdal), but I’m not sure it is worth the effort trying. I don’t think you will be able to achieve better result using OTB rather than using dedicated software.

Wikipedia has a comparison of different image stitching softwares. Most of them are proprietary, but some of them are free, e.g. Hugin.

If you have some developement experience you can also have a look at the OpenCV stitching module, and maybe to the registration module as well.

I hope that helps,

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Thank you.
You confirmed my initial impressions. I have been trying Agisoft Metashape Pro and it should work, but £3k is a bit of a barrier. But it is also designed primarily for GIS and similar and needs considerable teaking.
The Wikipedia page seems somewhat out of date.

I haven’t found any software dedicated to compositing photographic mosaics, though there are number of projects on the web using these, such as the scanning of The Black Watch and the Girl with a Pearl Earing in the Netherlands.

What about photoshop? Youtube tutorial below…