Apply same colours from ROI shapefile to classification tif

I’m following through a tutorial to make an libsvm (rbf) style classification within QGIS

At the ‘imageClassifier’ step I get the output tif loaded into view - and it’s a singleband grey raster as per below:

I can bring it to life a little by switching to singleband pseudocolour and applying a colour ramp.

But a couple of video tutorials I’ve watched appear to get the output raster to match exactly with the colours within their shapefile (Vector Data List)

Is that possible to apply automatically? am I missing a step

The image after ‘ImageClassifer’ is an image of labels (0, 1, 2 for example). You can tell QGIS to use the colors you want for those labels in the properties -> style menu. You can also generate an RGB image with the otb application called ColorMapping.

For pure QGIS question you can also ask on: GIS stackexchange where you might get more replies.