Can't display Vector data with Monteverdi

Dear all,
When I tried to open *.shp file with Monteverdi “File->Open image(s)”,

error message box

 "Probably unsupported format or incorrect filename……" 


How to display the image and vector data together like this?

QGis or something else? I would like your opinions!

Thank you for your attention.



Indeed Monteverdi does not support vector data. QGIS can be used instead.


such a sad answer… Not being able to display results computed with Monteverdi in Monteverdi, and having to rely on another software for it is very inconvenient for the user and does not make sense.

Thanks a lot Cédric. :slight_smile:

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Monteverdi is not very used (despite it’s very efficient to open raster) and it would be very complex to implement vector data manipulation. Instead, we prefer to rely on a very popular software in the GIS community.
We also improved the OTB / QGIS integration (contribution to the QGIS plugin) to ease the use of OTB applications inside QGIS. These improvements will be available in next OTB versions.

Perhaps the reason Monteverdi is not very used is that users cannot display in Monteverdi results that have been calculated in Monteverdi…
I agree vector manipulation has to be difficult to implement, but I doubt displaying vectors is that difficult.
In any case, either have a good Monteverdi product (which I would favor), or drop it. QGIS has very poor raster display, which is much better in Monteverdi. Perhaps you can drop Monteverdi and improve QGIS raster display by adding those display tools that are present in Monteverdi,

From my point of view, QGIS is not that bad to display rasters. But Monteverdi can display satellite images in their raw geometry, whereas QGIS can only display georeferenced data, or assigns a default ESPG:4326 projection…
I hope we will be able to organize some user days this year because such topics need to be discussed with the community. There are some maintenance issues with Monteverdi and we will effectively make some choices in the future !