Docker image with OTB 7.2.0 and python


Just to inform you that there’s a new docker image with OTB 7.2.0 and python 3.7 here:

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Is there any way I can launch an otbcli command, e.g. otbcli_ReadImageInfo -in /home/image.tif, as a “one off” processing thing like docker run --rm ? If so where would I map my volume in the container ?

Thank you!

P.S. Orfeo images in DockerHub are very old.


Sorry for the latency. I’d do something like:

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/data terradue/otb-7.2.0:latest otbcli_ReadImageInfo -in /data/swir22.tif
2021-03-22 10:47:08 (INFO) ReadImageInfo: Default RAM limit for OTB is 256 MB
2021-03-22 10:47:08 (INFO) ReadImageInfo: GDAL maximum cache size is 789 MB
2021-03-22 10:47:08 (INFO) ReadImageInfo: OTB will use at most 16 threads
2021-03-22 10:47:08 (INFO) ReadImageInfo: 
Image general information:
	Number of bands : 1
	Data type : short
	No data flags : Not found
	Start index :  [0,0]
	Size :  [7691,7831]
	Origin :  [420300,4.2645e+06]
	Spacing :  [30,-30]
	Estimated ground spacing (in meters): [29.9421,30.0683]

I hope this helps

I’ve updated the README accordingly


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Hi fabricebrito,

Sorry for not taking time to check this, but is there also the module DiapOTB on it ?


Hello Ari,

No but I can try to update the image and let you know. I’ll ping back

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The apps below are available:

$ docker run --rm -it otb-7.2.0 bash
[jovyan@22a7c28d0237 ~]$ otbcli_SAR
otbcli_SARAddBandInterferogram     otbcli_SARConcatenateBursts        otbcli_SARDEMGrid                  otbcli_SARFineMetadata             otbcli_SARPhaseFiltering
otbcli_SARAltAmbig                 otbcli_SARCoRegistration           otbcli_SARDEMProjection            otbcli_SARGridOffset               otbcli_SARPolarMatrixConvert
otbcli_SARAmplitudeEstimation      otbcli_SARCorrectionGrid           otbcli_SARDEMToAmplitude           otbcli_SARGridStatistics           otbcli_SARPolarSynth
otbcli_SARBurstExtraction          otbcli_SARCorrelationGrid          otbcli_SARDeramp                   otbcli_SARInterferogram            otbcli_SARRobustInterferogram
otbcli_SARCalibration              otbcli_SARCorrelationRough         otbcli_SARDoppler0                 otbcli_SARMetadataCorrection       otbcli_SARTopographicPhase
otbcli_SARCartesianMeanEstimation  otbcli_SARDeburst                  otbcli_SARESD                      otbcli_SARMultiLook                
otbcli_SARCompensatedComplex       otbcli_SARDecompositions           otbcli_SARFineDeformationGrid      otbcli_SAROrthoInterferogram       
[jovyan@22a7c28d0237 ~]$ 

@arijeannin Is this what you’re looking for?