Download Orfeo on MacOSX

Hi, I have some difficulties with installing Orfeo on my MacOsX. I downloaded the file ( from the download page but I get a text file instead ( and I don’t know how to extract the other documents from this type of file.
Do you have any suggestions that can help? Thanks


This is weird,

when I download on macOS (using mojave and Safari), the file is downloaded as, even if the file is defintely not a text file (the first lines of the file are text but then it is binary). If I try to download the file with the Save As option is Safari, the default name is as expected. I think safari adds the .txt extension because of the first lines of the file.

On Ubuntu, using Firefox, the file is correctly downloaded as

Anyway, the downloaded file should be the correct one, and you can exrtact OTB with

chmod +x