ERROR: Vectorization: Unable to commit transaction for OGR layer

Hello there,

I’m currently finishing up LargeScaleMeanShift for segmentation in Mapla, with SPOT 6 data in size at around 30gb.

I used .gpkg to save my segmentation vector data from LSMS processing because I couldn’t save the segmentation result vector data in shapefile. However, after nearly 24 hours of processing, I encountered the following error:

ERROR: Vectorization(00000269B8AD7820): Unable to commit transaction for OGR layer

Since I’m new to OTB, can you guys help me figure out what’s wrong with this error?

or should I not save my segmentation vector data in geopackage? Do you guys have any vector layer recommendations instead of saving it in .gpkg?

I can open the vector layer in ArcGIS but I’m just wondering the cause of this error before I can proceed to trainvectorClassifier.

Right now I’m using the latest OTB version of 7.4.

Thank you guys!

Dear @amalina,

THank you for using OTB. I think tour problem is related to this issue. You should try the KML format.

Julien :slight_smile:

Will give it a shot as suggested. I’ll get back to you with the outcome. Thank you for your advice!

Hello @julienosman ,

I had successfully create LSMS segmentation vector file of .kml, however I came across a kml file with a grid and incorrect coordinate transformation.

Do you have any idea how I can solve this issue?