How to add a new application?

I saw that there was ongoing development to merge Pantex index into otb 7.2.0 or maybe 8.0.0.
I’m really happy with that, so happy that I can’t wait.
I’d like to know if it is possible to add the otbPantexTextureExtraction.cxx into the 7.1.0 version that I use on a win 10 64bits machine?
If so, how?
I downloaded the repository, found the file, got the fact that I had to compile it with the use of Cmakelist.txt but even with the documentation this is not clear enough for non-developper user like I am.
by advance thanks for your answers


An application for Pantex texture extraction has indeed been added. It uses the filter that was already available in the API, and will be included in the next release.

In the meantime, the easiest way to use this application is to use the develop binary packages( available here ). A new package is generated every time something is added in the “develop” branch.

If instead you want to compile OTB, you can find some ressources here.


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This is a very good news, thanks a lot for your fast answer and to the team for the work !

This is so great that develop packages are availble. I didn’t know that :roll_eyes:
This should be definitely documented somewhere on the blog !

Edit: I just have added it in the “download” section


We are very interested in the Pantex index application as well, but we would need it in an official release. I suppose it will be part of 7.2 ? When is that foreseen ?

BTW, we would also be very interested in a histogram of gradients application. AFAICS, this does not exist, yet, or ? Any plans on that ?