How to install SLIC for OTB?

Hello fellow OTB-Users,

I am very much interested in using the SLIC algorithm developed by Dawa Derksen for OTB. However, it is not (yet?) regulary implemented in OTB, hence not ready-to-use.

I think one has to use cmake to install SLIC for OTB, but I am completely unable to do so (I tried!), and would be grateful for any hints on how to install specificaly SLIC for OTB.

Many thanks in advance!

Configuration setup

My system: *Windows10
Version of the OTB: *7.1
I installed the OTB with the binaries

You must retrieve the code from here and copy in OTB remoteModule directory. After that you need to compile OTB to have the app available.

To compile OTB take a look to this Cookbook section


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