Installation on Mac Catalina


I am a new user for Orfeo toolbox and am a Mac user - I am looking at using it on QGIS, however, I am not able to extract the application from the download file as the terminal come up with an error: “No such file or directory”

I am using the code:
chmod +x

The file name is:

Do you have any suggestions for help? It would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


This is strange … Are you sure the filename is actually ? I noticed that Safari sometimes download the file as (on Mac ElCapitan).

Does ls -l works ? Also are you sure you are in the right directory in your terminal ?


Hi Cedric,

I was able to download the run file from google chrome, after I realised it was a text file from Safari - I then transferred it to a folder in documents named OTB

The code helped me thanks!!