Job Offer - Engineer position for large scale land cover mapping

Dear Colleagues,

We have an open position entitled “Engineer position for large scale land cover mapping” at the CESBIO lab, to work in the iota^2 ( processing chain, based on the OTB.

The primary mission of the recruit is to work on the development of new features for iota 2 . Two
important missing features will be considered:

  1. Regression: The initial application of the chain was to classify land cover. However, there is a need to extend the chain to regression type problems for various applications (e.g., biodiversitymapping).
  2. Object: Currently, the analysis is done at the pixel level, while in some applications, the parcel/field level is more appropriated. Therefore, object based analysis should be included in the chain. This part will be done in relation to work done by TETIS, CIRAD.

Another mission of the recruit will be to coordinate the different developments carried out by the partners. As such, other issues may emerge during the project.

The position is at the CESBIO-Lab, in Toulouse for 12 months (plus a possible extension of 12 months). The salary is approximately 2000 euros per month, depending on the experience of the recruit. The position is open now and will remain open until the selection of a recruit.

The applicant must have a solid background in geomatics, geographic information systems, data bases, remote sensing and programming (Python). Experience in one or several of these fields and a good knowledge of English are required. Also, knowledge in distributed version-control systems will be appreciated.

The applicant should send a detailed CV, motivation letter, reference letters and, if possible, links
to developed software to the contacts.

Contact Mathieu Fauvel: