Orthorecitification of Pleiades images

Hello !

I’m (very) new to OTB and having trouble orthorectifying my Pleiades images. The best accuracy that I have been able to obtain is still off by 20m…

I’ve read the cookbook and tried out the recipe to the best of my ability, but I must doing something (or many things!) wrong.

The cold hard facts :

  • I’m using Pleiades sensor level images in Monteverdi and QGIS.
  • I’ve tried adding the ?&skipcarto=true file extension which oriented the image correctly (at least, there is that).
  • I’ve tried adding a DEM (from IGN or an SRTM from USGS) and a Geoid file but the results were not good (even worse, than without a DEM or geoid).
  • I also have RPC files (XML format) for each image. I don’t know how to integrate them into the orthorectification process, but maybe they would help.

Any advice? Has anyone had success with this?

I’m a real neophyte so ANY help is really appreciated. :crazy_face:

Je ne sais pas s’il y a des francophones sur ce forum, mais vous pouvez me repondre en français si vous voulez !

Can you send the command line used to do that.
You talk about accuracy. How you compute this accuracy ? against a reference data ?