Pleiades BundleToPerfectSensors parameters

Hello all,
Does anyone has feedback regarding the “otbli_BundleToPerfectSensor” parameters to use with Pleiades imagery ?
such as pansharpening method, use or not of PHR mode, interpolaor methods …


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Can you be more specific ?
The PHR mode is by default enabled when both P and XS inputs are recognized as PHR sensor. Then a simple rigid transform is used.
The recommended interpolator is usually bco.

thanks for your answer.
I know from the documentation thtat the PHR mode is enabled by default, nevertheless it looks like my pansharpened image is blurred eventought both P and MS should be already aligned on the same grid.
Could you tell me what are the steps you use for processing PHR data sets (raw DATA) ?

The BundleToPerfectSensor application should work directly on original PHR products. If you compute extracts using the OTB application ExtractROI, it should also work fine.
In the log output, can you check if the PHR mode is used?

Our process is as follow:
1- otbcli_OpticalCalibration > tile by tile as using the DIMAP.xml wont work
2- otbcli_TileFusion > reconstruction of the images (P and MS)
3- otbcli_BundleToPerfectSensor in phr mode > after testing every single algorythm (RCS,LVMV and baysian) we alaways end up with a blurred image

Is th

Can you try to do the pansharpening in 2 step, controlling what is produced in between:

  • Run the application SuperImpose to reproject the MS image over the P image
  • Run the application Pansharpening between the P image and the reprojected MS.

During the first step (SuperImpose) you should see a log message “Using the PHR mode”. If not, your input images are not correctly identified as PHR sensor.