Problem with Color mapping

Hi, I need to enter a custom look-up table when using the ColorMapping function of the OTB toolbox. I want to ask where does this custom look-up table TXT need to be generated from?

Dear @ipodsky,
You will find the documentation for the ColorMapping application at this address.

You have the choice between 4 mapping techniques. The default technique is -method custom, which means you will provide a TXT file describing the color mapping. Here is a description of this file :

An ASCII file containing the look-up table with one color per line (for instance the line ‘1 255 0 0’ means that all pixels with label 1 will be replaced by RGB color 255 0 0) Lines beginning with a # are ignored

I don’t know if there is a tool to generate this table. But it is also possible to chose an other technique. For example, the parameter -method continuous allows you to pick a predefined lookup table among [red|green|blue|grey|hot|cool|spring|summer|autumn|winter|copper|jet|hsv|overunder|relief]. And with the parameter -method optimal, the application will compute an optimal look-up table such that neighboring labels in a segmentation are mapped to highly contrasted colors.

I hope it helps.
Best regards.