Problem with Orthorectification

I am doing elaborations on images of the pleiades and I have found problems with orthorectification. could anyone tell me all the steps you need to get to a good orthorectification with otb tools? thank you for your availability.

Hi Roxenne,

Can you give us more details on what you have tried to do and what problems did you have to deal with ?

  • maybe you can send us the commands you are using, the outputs of the application, etc.

You can follow this recipe in the cookbook ( to better understand how to use OrthoRectification application.

Hope it helps


thank you Yannick for your availability!
I’m working on Pleiades images to get good orthorectification. The steps I performed in cascade were:
-Optical calibration
-refine sensor model
The problem was that in terms of results, the orthorectification was not satisfactory and, in addition, sometimes I did not get any video returns.

I have three images pleiades:
2016A, 2016B and 2017 (of the entire area A + B).
The Homologous points was carried out on 2016A and 2017 and the subsequent elaborations I made from these results. In this case I can’t see anything orthorectifying on the screen even if the result file is loaded.
I wanted to receive precise directives on how to get to the orthorectification starting from the images and all the necessary steps for a valid result, always if it were possible. thank you for your availability.

What kind of reference image do you use in HomologousPointExtraction?
Do you have DEM?