Problems with AVRIS data set

I am a new user of Orfeo tool box and am trying to do the Hyperspectral image processing recipe via QGIS. I don’t have MATLAB so I downloaded a data set from the AVRIS data portal, but when I try to open the image file “f120507t01p00r09rdn_a_sc01_ort_img”, I get a scrambled image. Do I need top import this data in a particular way?


What do you mean by “scrambled image” ? How are you visualizing the data ? with QGIS, monteverdi, other ?

Maybe this is because you are looking at the first bands of the image, which does not contain a lot information in some non pre-processed hyperspectral data (and this is the case for Aviris if I remember correctly) ?

Where did you find the data, on this page ?