Run wavelet processing failed

Hi everyone,

I tried to run wavelet on my image but failed. The error message as below:
“(FATAL) DomainTransform: Requested region dimension cannot be used in multiresolution analysis (crop it).”

How to solve it?

Dear @tzehuey85,

Could you tell us the parameters you used to run the DomainTransform application?


Dear @julienosman

Thanks for your reply.

I used default setting to run the Domain Transform application, which is

Mode: wavelet

Wavelet form: haar

No of decomposition: 2

Direction: forward

Also, is there any specific raster data type (e.g. BYYE, float or etc) for running domain transform?


I know the problem why I couldn’t run wavelet. The image must be in square, e.g. 102 x 102 or 264 x 264.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

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