Temp LSMS files not deleted

Thanks to gpasero’s suggestion (see my other post), I got the segmentation running and the first round of results show excellent promise.

I had the “temporary files cleaning” checking ‘on’ in the parameters, but the clean-up didn’t work-out and left several thousand .tif files in my windows\users\name profile.


Is there another parameter or setting I missed? If it’s a bug or an incompatibility on my system, is there a global setting where I can specify a different folder for temp files?



It looks like the application was not able to remove the files. Does this happen often (or even everytime) ? Can you try a smaller image, in a different folder, to see if the behavior is the same?

I think windows tracks open files and prevent removal of them. Maybe it does not consider the files as closed at cleanup time.



Hi @jmichel,
Did you got a solution for your issue.
I have the same issue, it’s blocking me because i’m processing a hudge size images.
Mohamed .


Can you link to gpasero’s post that you mention? I can’t find it. Thanks.