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I tried the S1 Tiling new version but it doesn’t work. The S1 images download works but this error message appear next :
" Failed to produce /home/Documents/Test_S1_Tiling_install/data_out/31TGJ/s1a_31TGJ_vh_DES_066_20190610txxxxxx.tif because /home/Documents/Test_S1_Tiling_install/tmp/S2/31TGJ/s1a_31TGJ_vh_DES_066_20190610t053544.tif could not be produced: Cannot create OTB application ‘ResetMargin’ ".

Can you help me ?


Hello Julie,

Which version of OTB are you using? Or how did you install OTB?
ResetMargin should be available since version 7.1 IIRC, and if you want to remove noise you need to use OTB 7.4.

PS: it would be best to open a new topic in the S1 Tiling category instead of replying to an announce.