About TrainVectorClassifier id

I use the TrainVectorClassifier and VectorClassifier for Crop type detection, But one thing I don’t understand is the label id always change to ramdom number. Even the classification is success.

How do I solve this problem?

And sorry for my poor English.

Dear @anon36506380,

Thank you for using the Orfeo ToolBox.

Did you try to set the -feat parameter? It allows you to set a list of field names in the input vector data to be used as features for training.


Thanks :smiley:
I’ll try it.

Unfortunately, the -feat parameter is not solve my problem.

But weird thing is, I accidentally use LibSVM as classifier, and the outpute field name is normal.


It’s because I used ANN for classifier, so the outpute field name became abnormal or the app have some bug?

at least this problem is solved now. :smiley: