Account setup errors

Can someone please assist - 5-10 attempts to create an account and it finally worked after multiple attempts using a second email address. I need my account to use the first address but I cannot change the address in this second account because it says it is already in use. Of course it is in use, for an account that could not be activated because the activation emails never arrived.

Can someone please assist to change the address in my account?

Dear @Slad1,
I’m sorry to ear you are having troubles with your account. I will try to help you. Can you give me the URL you used to create your account, along with the first email address? (you can send it to me with a private message if you don’t want to make this information public.

Hi Slad,

I just activated your first account, because for some reason the verification messages were not being sent. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you encounter any new problems.


because for some reason the verification messages were not being sent.

I have found and corrected the problem. As a result, you may now be receiving the previous validation messages. You can ignore them.


Ok thanks.

FYI - I didn’t receive the emails you mentioned.

Anyway, I attempted to change the email address on this account to the one I want to use (Westnet) and it won’t change - gave a message about the address a already being in use. No surprise there.

Then attempted to login using the Westnet address, wrong password, hit reset password, still waiting for the email to arrive.

I have tried resetting my password again and again.


Still where I was days ago - 2 accounts, neither setup as required.

Is this what using the OTB application is like? I really am starting to wonder, just because I am persisting with installation despite it being nearly 2 weeks of stuff just not working.

And this account stuff? I know this is open source ie - free, but come on.

I haven’t even got to the point where I can start posting questions about python installation errors, numpy, pip versions, god know what else.