Any reasons to stick with OTB 6.6?

I recently discovered that some people are still working with OTB 6.6, and it also seems that the future CNES GeoDataHub platform is based on 6.6, which I found quite strange.

So I wonder: what are the reasons to stick with such an old version?
GDAL2? Python2? Aren’t there any major bugs that were fixed in version 7.*?

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your interest in GeoDataHub and OTB.
Where did you get this information about OTB 6.6 ?

I’ve discussed with my colleagues and it’s not that true : this web portal will embed image processings tools, like MAJA, S1-Tiling. Latest versions of these tools are based on latest versions of OTB (8.x). We will check if other processings need older versions…

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Info found at the bottom of this page :

All right thanks for the clarification !

Ok, thanks for the link. I guess this documentation should be updated (at least when all geodes features will be accessible). And anyway, final users may not need to know exact version of each tool…