Atmospheric vertical profiles used for atmospheric corrections

We would use ORFEO atmospheric corrections function (i.e. Optical Calibration to determine TOC reflectance).

We’re wondering which kind of vertical atmospheric profile is used to simulate atmospheric downward and upward transmittance to use for atmospheric corrections.
This should be set for 6S simulations and could be set among some “standard profiles” (e.g. mid latitude summer, etc.) or could be maybe defined by the 6S user.

Moreover, it would be possible to modify the vertical atmospheric profile selection?
If so, how?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Hello, you can review the documentation in detail here

But I understand that you can only choose between a limited number of atmospheric profiles, or define each parameter on the command line as specified here:

I hope this will useful,

In addition, built with Orfeo toolbox there is an image processor at L2A level called o maja. If you have a supporting sensor it would be better to use the processor directly.