[Authentification] Restrictions on newly authenticated users

Dear OTB Community,

Two weeks ago we informed you that the authentification was deactivated totally, we did a reactivation test last week and noticed again the creation of zombies account by bots :
After the recent creation of ~20 accounts per day by compromised github/gitlab.com accounts used by a bot to authenticate on the orfeotoolbox forge, those accounts creating projects with bullshit content, we decided to make every new user as External to prevent the creation of projetcs/forks by these users.

If you want to contribute / fork otb or other projects on the forge, you can contact us on gitlab at orfeo-toolbox.org to give you sufficient rights to do so.

Sorry for the inconvenience but this is the only way to stop bots using compromised accounts to sign in.

The OTB Team,
Best Regards