BandMathX multitemp filter RGB compo

Hi dears,

I generated RGB composition for several SAR images, and I would like to multitemporal filter them all together.

They are all the same RGB composition for different acquisition date, so I would like:
-R band : the mean of all r_bands,
-G band : the mean of all g_bands,
-B band : the mean of all b_bands,

Hope that’s clear enough !
Thanks a lot

if you need to compute the mean of all images, you can do something like below, which will be long to write.

with otbcli_BandMathX -il jan.tif feb.tif march.tif -out multitemp.tif -exp “(im1b1+im2b1+im3b1)/3;(im1b2+im2b2+im3b2)/3;(im1b3+im2b3+im3b3)/3”

But why not use the Quegan filter ?

otbcli_MultitempFilteringFilter -inl s1a_47PQQ_vv_DES_062_20180*.tif -wr 2 -oc outcore.tif -filtpath $TMPDIR/filtered -enl enl.tif

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Thank you radouxju, Quegan filter is a really nice solution!

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