Calculate parameters for Rigid Transformation

RigidTransformResample let the user apply scale, rotation and translation to a given image according to a set of parameters, but is there an otb tool to calculate those parameters (i.e., out of points genrated by

Hi Alobo,
I am not aware of a tool in OTB doing this. If you are in python there are plenty of script doing this kind of stuff.

Then it should be easy to include one of those scripts in OTB, isn’t it?
(BTW, could you just point to one of those?)
Currently the chain is broken, we can generate the tie points with HomologousPointsExtraction (step 1) and apply the shifts and rotations with RigidTransformResample (step 3), but for calculating the actual model (step 2) the user has to find a tool elsewhere.
That type of problems creates frustration in users and they ultimately loss confidence in the package being able to be really an operational tool.
I’ll fill a ticket on this…

Of course it is!
You can do it with opencv