Changing default RAM limit for Stereo Rectification Grid Generator task?

I’m running the otbcli_StereoRectificationGridGenerator process and it’s currently at 22% after 40hrs! (10k x 10k raster)

So I’m looking at ways to speed up the processing, assuming that pushing RAM limit would help, but I notice this particular application does not appear to have a ‘-ram’ option.

Is it possible to change the environment variables to affect the Default RAM limit (128 MB) for this task?

And how do you set this?

I am currently just running the application from command line:

-io.inleft F:/GIS/stereo_2_small_Ls.tif
-io.inright F:/GIS/stereo_2_small_Rs.tif
-epi.elevation.dem F:/GIS/opentopo
-epi.elevation.default 45
-epi.elevation.geoid F:\OTB-6.6.1-Win64\geoid\egm96.grd
-io.outleft F:/GIS/31_grid_stereo_2_small_L2.tif
-io.outright F:/GIS/31_grid_stereo_2_small_R2.tif


generally speaking, you can control the RAM used by OTB by setting the OTB_MAX_RAM_HINT environment variable.

However this particular application is not streamable, meaning that the grid are computed in one block, instead of computing stream size using the available RAM.

Maybe a way to speed up computation would be to generate a grid with a coarsr resolution (epi.step parameter), if this does not affect performance too much ?


Thanks Cedric,

That worked using -epi.step 10 brought it down to 2 hrs. I left the other one running on default of ‘1’ and it’s still going after 7 days.