Codec problem when using imageClassifier in orfeo in qgis

When trying to execute the imageClassifier in Qgis I get a utf8 codec error. I don’t know what to do in this case please help.

Hi Derrick,
Could you give us some more details (exact error message, and description of the parameters of the imageClassifier) ?
Could you also tell us what versions of QGIS and OTB you are using ?



Hello Yannick,
here is the error message:

‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0x82 in position 34: invalid start byte

i am using QGIS 3.4.4 with otb 6.6.

Hello Derrick,
I’m not sure to understand the error :

  • can you confirm the processing fails and does not produce the imagesStats.xml file ?
  • maybe there is a problem with the “no data” value (I see that there’s a large blank area) : could you try to compute statistics on a crop of that image ?

hello Yannick. yes the process fails producing no imageStats.xml file.
i also have this problem, when saving the .xml file it says the “name is not valid” , and when i add .xml to the name it accepts. but fails after at the step above. i don’t know if am doing something wrong

i will try it on a crop image and see

just to be sure, in imagesStaistics, is it a collection of images to enter or just one image?
after the croping still not working

@DemevengDerrick, could you check your plugin version of QGIS ?

I guess, there is a codec fix already in the latest version of plugin.


you check your version of otb plugin in plugin manager.
the latest version is 1.4.2:

Thanks for your answer @rashad.kanavath. i have the latest version of otb 1.4.2 but i don’t know why it still does not work