Convert jp2 to tif


I was using otbcli_Convert to convert jp2 images to tif format. I want the values to stay exactly the same.

Since otbcli_DynamicConvert replaced Convert, I cannot achieve this: the values are modified. The command description says that the rescale is optional, but I don’t know how to disable it and I cannot find a solution (using the options or another OTB command?).


Ubuntu 20.04.6
OTB 7.1.0

Hi @scpsc

You should use GDAL to do your conversion as it is design to do it without modifying values :

gdal_translate MyTile_B08.jp2 /home/user/sentinel.tif

You can add some options if you need but it should do the trick.

Best regards

Thank you for your answer, it works indeed. But I was interested in using OTB and it seems to me that it should still work with otbcli_DynamicConvert, given that it replaces otbcli_Convert. Is there a way to make it work as I intend?

You can use the ExtractROI application without argument (other than “in” and “out”).

Perfect, thank you!