Convert orfeo model to other ML format?

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Is it possible to convert a model (libsvm, randomforest) produced in Orfeo with ‘TrainImagesClassifier’ to other ML formats such as pytorch or tensorflow ?

20.04 LTS and (currently) OTB 7.0, python 3.7.12

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Dear @rts,

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Sadly, I don’t know of any easy way to convert a model to other ML formats. But you may be interested in this remote module that provides a generic, multipurpose deep learning framework based on TensorFlow: OTBTF.

Julien :slight_smile:

Dear Julien

Thank you for the response. I had a look at the OTBTF framework. Here is a question.
Do the models produced by OTBTF follow standard TensorFlow formats? I would like to be able to convert a model produced within the OTBTF framework to a PyTorch environment (via ONNX -GitHub - onnx/tensorflow-onnx: Convert TensorFlow, Keras, Tensorflow.js and Tflite models to ONNX). Is that possible?

Appreciating your expertise.

I think @remi.cresson is in a better position to answer this question… :innocent:

Hi @rts ,

In OTBTF, Tensorflow performs all computations. So you end up with standard formats (checkpoints, savedmodel). You can work with tf.v1, tf.v2 and keras.

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