Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)


Is Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithme exist in OTB application ?

Thank you for your help.


Unfortunately, There is currently no CNN application in OTB.

However, @remi.cresson created a remote module for deep learning with OTB (it uses tensorflow), but if you want to use it, you’ll have to build OTB and tensorflow from sources, as explained in the readme of the module.



Thank you very much.

I am a new to Convolutional Neural Network and also want to apply it with orfeo for land cover classification. But several issues take place during my installation, have you built it successfully?
I will be grateful if you could help me figure it out.
Hope for further discussions with you about Land cover classification with CNN.
Thanks in advance!
Yi Zhao

If you have issues during your installation, you can try to use this dockerfile instead of building it manually.

Hello ,
I have a problem when I try to use dockerfile instead of building it manually.When I used PatchesExtraction, show the image file could not be opened and the image file did not exist.I checked the path of the image and there was no problem

This might be the same issue described here. This comes from the files/folders permissions of your host wrt your docker container. In this post I mention some tips to use the docker image.
Hope this helps!