Correct format for 'field names for training features' using TrainVectorClassifier


I am trying to use the TrainVectorClassifier tool in OTB toolbox using QGIS, to train my classifier, before applying the classifier to a complete segmentation of the image.

I am running into the following error, which seems to be related to the format that I am entering the field names:

(FATAL): itk::ERROR: ListViewParameter(0000023D23F80210): Value meanB0, meanB1, meanB2 not found in the list of choices: label, nbPixels, meanB0, meanB1, meanB2, meanB3, meanB4, meanB5, meanB6, meanB7, meanB8, varB0, varB1, varB2, varB3, varB4, varB5, varB6, varB7, varB8, CLASS.

I am not sure what the correct format is when typing the list of fieldnames? To use quotes for strings, or returns like a list format?

So far, the tool has only run successfully if I simply enter one value, such as:

When I try to add more field names, in any format, the tool fails.
E.g. meanB0, meanB1, etc.

Please could someone advise if this issue is known, or how to fix it?
I have Googled the error and found a few reports of the same error, but could not find the solution.

Many many thanks in advance for your help,


For me it works when I put quotes around the list : “meanB0 meanB1 meanB2”.

(I am using QGIS 3.0, otb develop branch, and qgis-otb-plugin master branch)

This is not a very elegant way to handle parameter list thought…


Hi Cédric,

Thanks very much! The algorithm runs successfully with that format.