Could not create OGR driver SQLite

Hi everyone,
recently I am doing some vector classifications and all applications run smoothly in OTBcommandLine but in python whenever a sqlite file is called (whether created or called to open) the following error appears:

itk::ERROR: Could not create OGR driver SQLite, check your OGR configuration for available drivers.
or if an existent sqlite file is called:
itk::ERROR: Failed to open GDALDataset file /workspace/data/samples_training.sqlite :

below I copied the python code which returns error :

SampleSelection = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication(“SampleSelection”)

SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“in”, ‘/workspace/data/REFLEC_VEG_INDEX_DO_2019-01-22.tif’)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“out”, “/workspace/data/samples_training.sqlite”)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“vec”, ‘/workspace/data/Donana_v2.shp’)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“field”, “clc12”)

SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“instats”, “/workspace/data/classes_training.xml”)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“outrates”, “/workspace/data/rates_training.csv”)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“strategy”, “byclass”)
SampleSelection.SetParameterString(“”, “/workspace/data/byClass_training.csv”)

whereas the following commandLine version function properly:

otbcli_SampleSelection -in /workspace/data/REFLEC_VEG_INDEX_DO_2019-01-22.tif -vec /workspace/data/Donana_v2.shp -instats /workspace/data/classes_training.xml -field clc12 -strategy byclass /workspace/data/byClass_training.csv -outrates /workspace/data/rates_training.csv -out /workspace/data/samples_training.sqlite

Has someone ever got this error? Is it related to some environmental variable? :thinking:
Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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Can you file a bug report here : ?

We will see if we can reproduce this bug. Also include OS, OTB version and where you got the binaries from (downloaded from OTB website or built on your own).



I cannot reproduce your bug. I tried a similar pipe in python but I have no error.
Can you tell us what configuration you are using:

  • platform you are on
  • if you are from source or with binaries
  • what python you are using

Hello Antoine & Julien
I have CentOS 6.7, kernel 2.6.32-573.7.1.el6.x86_64 ,installed OTB 6.6.1 from binaries. The environmental variables I have set as follows:


os.environ[‘OTB_APPLICATION_PATH’] = ‘/opt/OTB-6.6.1/lib/otb/applications’
os.environ[‘LD_LIBRARY_PATH’] = ‘/opt/OTB-6.6.1/lib’
os.environ[‘ITK_AUTOLOAD_PATH’] = ‘/opt/OTB-6.6.1/lib/otb/applications’
os.environ[‘GDAL_DATA’] = ‘/opt/OTB-6.6.1/share/gdal’
import otbApplication`

Thank you.

I’m sorry but I still cannot reproduce your bug…
What kind of stuff do you have under /opt/anaconda/bin/? Can you try to append this path after otb one?


On the other hand for your example to work I do not need any of the sys.path.append call (except for the one setting “/opt/OTB-6.6.1/lib/python”).
Did you manage to make your example work without the conda path?

Hi Antoine,
I changed the order of the commands as you suggested:
sys.path.append('/opt/OTB-6.6.1/lib/python') sys.path.append('/opt/anaconda/bin/')

all OTB operators which do not involve a sqlite file works properly.
I have no explanation why python version of OTB operators do not recognise sqlite type.
As a workaround I changed the type of the files in the process from sqlite to shapefile and bypassed the problem.