Could not generate DSM

Hi OTB users,

I want to generation DSM using OTB.
I have a pair of World View 2 stereo pair image.
I wrote command lines, but I could not produce it.
Can anyone help me?

I hope someone can help me, please contact me.
Thank you.

I tried with the following command lines.
otbcli_StereoRectificationGridGenerator.bat -io.inleft “d:\otb\melb\img3.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.inright “d:\otb\melb\img1.tif?&skipcarto=true” -epi.elevation.default 10 -epi.step 5 -io.outleft img3_grid.tif -io.outright img1_grid.tif

otbcli_GridBasedImageResampling.bat “d:\otb\melb\img3.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.out img3_epi.tif img3_grid.tif -out.sizex 4980 -out.sizey 4980

otbcli_BlockMatching.bat -io.inleft “d:\otb\melb\img3.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.inright “d:\otb\melb\img1.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.out img_disp_ncc.tif -bm.minhd -45 -bm.maxhd 5 -bm.minvd 1 -bm.maxvd 1 -mask.inleft img3_epi_mask.tif -mask.inright img1_epi_mask.tif -io.outmetric 1 -bm.metric ncc -bm.subpixel dichotomy -bm.medianfilter.radius 5 -bm.medianfilter.incoherence 2.0

otbcli_DisparityMapToElevationMap.bat img_disp_ncc.tif -io.left “d:\otb\melb\img1.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.right “d:\otb\melb\img3.tif?&skipcarto=true” -io.lgrid img1_grid.tif -io.rgrid img3_grid.tif -io.mask img_thr_hvd.tif -io.out img_dem.tif -hmin 10 -hmax 400 -elev.default 10

otbcli_StereoFramework Test_pan_759.tif Test_pan_771.tif -output.out Test_Pan_759_771_DSM_new.tif -elev.dem dem.tif -elev.geoid egm96.grd -bm.minhoffset 20 bm.maxhoffset 20 -output.res 1 -output.nodata 0 -bm.metric ncc -postproc.bij 0 -ram 1024

Ive made some nice DEMs with orfeo toolbox in the past, but I need some more information.
First, what is the error you get?