DiapOTBException: "Application Name does not match with any OTB/DiapOTB application"

Hello there,

I have installed OTB through Conda and I am trying to apply the DiapOTB chain, but I am getting an error that reads: ‘DiapOTBException: “Application Name” does not match with any OTB/DiapOTB application.’

I believe this error is due to:

import otbApplication
app = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication(“SARDeramp”)

Since I am unable to resolve the error on my own, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance from the community to help me understand and resolve this issue.


Hi @ghomsi

The conda version of OTB is old and not maintained, because of conda updates breaking the packaging each time. I think this conda version comes without DiapOTB, you can check it by going to the bin folder of otb inside your conda environment, and look if otbcli_SAR* are present.

In order to use DiapOTB I recommend you to download the OTB 7.4.1 official version and use the python API after doing source otbenv.profile. For more information, see the documentation

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Thk @thibaut.romain , everything ok :pray: