Docker image with OTB 8.0.0, python 3.8 and gdal

Hello, just to let you know that I’ve created a new container with OTB 8.0.0, python 3.8 and gdal 3.4.

The repo is here: GitHub - Terradue/docker-otb-python at 8.0.0

Use it with, e.g.:

docker run --rm -it terradue/otb-8.0.0:latest bash

And then

python -c "import otbApplication"

For gdal:

python -c "from osgeo import gdal"

It relies on the newly create conda package for OTB 8.0.0 available at: Files ::

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Dear @fabricebrito,

Thank you for your work. We know Docker is widely used, and a container integrating the OTB already installed and ready to use can be useful for a lot a people. This is why @thibaut.romain has been working on a Docker container the last few days and he released it yesterday. I was about to write an announcement on the forum when I saw your message :innocent:

The image is available directly from Docker Hub. It contains an already installed OTB 8.0.0 with python 3.8 bindings correctly compiled. It is based on an Ubuntu 20.04 image (but it can run on any system with Docker installed).

The Dockerfile will be integrated directly in the source code of the OTB, and a CI job is being prepared to generate the new image automatically when a new version of OTB is released. This work can be found in this Merge Request.

I am sure that when he sees your work on Monday, I will take it into account for his image. And maybe contact you so you can work together :+1:

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Hello @julienosman, it may well be complementary as this is based on the conda packaging of OTB for linux. For us it makes a lot of sense as we can then install OTB in a conda environment that is then used as a Jupyter kernel (just an example) or in containers running in k8s with other conda packages.
I will definitely follow your work and thanks for all the effort around OTB!