Downloading OTB onto Mac

So I’m trying to install OTB onto MacOS with Silicon but the issue is that there is no longer the MacOS X button on the OTB Download page so I’m not sure what to do. All instructions everywhere say to access it through the OTB download page but as I’ve said it doesn’t exist anymore for Mac. I’m wondering if there is some sort of work around for this. I’ve thought about trying to download it on Docker but I’m not entirely sure how that process even works. If anyone would have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Since OTB 9, the macOS version has been deprecated because it was only compatible with intel Macs, and intel Macs are now abandonned. (not available for Sillicon because OTB relies on ~15 dependencies which are not available on the ARM platform for at least 4 of them). As a workaround we recommend to use the docker image which works well.

Everything is explained in the README of the docker hub page here, just replace 8.1.2 with 9.0.0 for the version number.

If you want you can also take the last version 8.1.2 MacOS Intel which is available for Mac (on the archive page of the orfeotoolbox website), it will execute on your mac with Roseta which translates Intel instructions to ARM.

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