Error by trying to make a stereoscopic reconstruction


Hi ! My name is Thibaud and I’m trying to make the Orfeotoolbox site tutorial of stereoscopic reconstruction, I reput the link which is : Stereoscopic reconstruction — Orfeo ToolBox 8.1.1 documentation
So I’m at the step when we have to apply a Bandmath to our disparity map and I don’t know why but I have an error and I already tried to fix this but without success.

Configuration setup

My system: Windows10
Version of the OTB: 8.1
I installed the OTB with: the binaries
QGIS version: 3.30.0

Description of my issue

So as I said, my problem is at the step of the bandmath of the disparity map, before that I respected all the tutorial and all it worked until this step. So I open a Bandmath window and I filled the blank

And when I tried to run, it showed me this error message

I don’t really know what can I change about parameters cause for me I respect the way in order to generate a stereoscopic rectification of my geotiff samples.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Can you give the output of gdalinfo on your image thres_disparity.tif ? Maybe the problem is the number of bands it contains

Hey Thibaut, I have that in output when I ran the BandMath:

The command seems correct, maybe the problem comes from the metadata, can you call in a terminal :

gdalinfo "C:/Users/pret/OTB_QGIS/Stereo_rec/disparity_map_ncc.tif"

When I run this command, the output is:

And that:

At the end of gdalinfo command we can see there are 2 bands, but you attempt to access the band 3 in your bandmath, maybe you should look one step before, the step creating the disparity_mac_ncc, which should give a 3 band disparity map

Ok thanks for your advice Thibaut, I’m gonna work on that and I’ll let you know