Error in TrainVectorClassifier with FieldParameter?

This code generate an error in line command :slight_smile:

otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine TrainVectorClassifier -io.vd /home/pascal/Documents/val_suzon/train.gpkg -io.out /home/pascal/Documents/val_suzon/rf_model.txt -io.confmatout /home/pascal/Documents/val_suzon/rf_conf.txt -layer 0 -feat meanB0,meanB1,meanB2,meanB3,varB0,varB1,varB2,varB3 -valid.vd /home/pascal/Documents/val_suzon/control.gpkg -valid.layer 0 -cfield classe - v True -classifier rf
2022-10-26 11:13:14 (FATAL) TrainVectorClassifier: itk::ERROR: FieldParameter(0x1317430): Value meanB0,meanB1,meanB2,meanB3,varB0,varB1,varB2,varB3 not found in the list of choices: label, nbPixels, meanB0, meanB1, meanB2, meanB3, varB0, varB1, varB2, varB3, classe.

Hi, sorry for the late answer,

Can you try to put the feat parameters between " " ?