Error OTB Windows 7

I have downloaded and extracted OTB 7.1.0 properly. The double click on monteverdi.exe results in following error.

WARNG> Required OpenGL version ‘3.0.0’ with GLSL version ‘1.30’.
WARNG> Runtime OpenGL version ‘1.1.0’ with GLSL version ‘’.
WARNG> Current OpenGL version is ‘1.1.0’ supporting OpenGL Shading-Language (GLSL) version ‘’.

To run at best performances, this application needs, at least, OpenGL version ‘3.0.0’ with GLSL version ‘1.30’. The application will automatically switch to a rendering mode which does not make use of OpenGL shaders and GLSL. If you are running this application under some remote-desktop service, runtime OpenGL and GLSL versions may differ from those running directly on remote platform.

It might be worth mentioning here that I am using Windows 7 64bit platform.

I am unable to interpret such error. Could someone please let me out of this trouble and suggest possible remedies to fix this?

I am anxiously waiting to deal with this error and resume my working. Looking forward remedies.


Looking at the warnings, it looks like your OpenGL version is too old (1.1.0 but 3.0.0 is required). If your graphic card supports OpenGL 3 you can try to update your drivers.

Alternatively, if you don’t need the image rendering functions of Monteverdi, you could use the Mapla.exe program (graphical user interface to otb applications).


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Thank you for guidance.