Failed to find otbImageKeywordList.h

I’m building OTB 9.0.0 from sources in Superbuild mode, but got the following error:
In file included from /Cookplate/otb/Modules/Remote/DiapOTBModule/app/otbSARAddBandInterferogram.cxx:29:
/Cookplate/otb/Modules/Remote/DiapOTBModule/include/otbSARGroupedByMLImageFilter.h:33:10: fatal error: otbImageKeywordlist.h: No such file or directory
33 | #include “otbImageKeywordlist.h”
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I used “find” command to search the file, got no result.

OS: ubuntu 22.04
“git describe --tags” shows 9.0.0

Hi @zhou_huiqun

DiapOTB is not ported to OTB 8/9 yet, so it is not compatible with this version. In the source code it is deactivated, I guess you activated its compilation manually.
If you want to use DiapOTB you have to stick with OTB 7 until the validation of DiapOTB for OTB 9 is finished.

Best regards

Thanks for your information!