Haralick Texture Classification Radius Clarification

Hi OTB Community,

I’m a researcher looking to incorporate the “Haralick Texture Extraction” tool in my image processing chain - particularly since it gives the Haralick values per pixel across my raster (a single band composed of grayscale values from averaged RGB values from an orthomosaic). However, I’m looking to get clarification on what exactly is meant by x “radius” and y “radius” in the parameter settings and what the default of 2 implies - for example, how does a radius of 2 compare to a 3x3 pixel moving window? Should radius values be set to 3 to use a 3x3 pixel window? Just checking to make sure I don’t misinterpret the documentation.


Dear @xandrae,

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Indeed, the documentation is a little poor on that point. Those two parameters set a radius for the neighborhood of the pixel. The formula used to retrieve the size of the window is 2 * radius + 1. For example, if xradius and yradius is 2, the window size is 5x5.

Julien :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! If I may suggest, you may want to include that in the documentation page - others may find it useful, too.

Done :wink: