How to add a custom sensor model of a satellite not in OTB list

Hello there,

I am trying to process a satellite data that doesn’t have a support of builtin sensor model.

I have the sensor model in .txt file. Can I input that model in Orfeo for processing.


Hello @ebti07

It is not possible to give a sensor model in txt file in OTB, it is not supported.
If you are familliar with C++, you can add the support for this specific sensor model by doing a fork, and

- Create the sensor model using the otb::SensorTransformBase class
- Create the Image Metadata Interface of your sensor and add a section to parse your txt model

You can follow the developer guide for more informations

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Thanks @thibaut.romain

I want to create a physical sensor model.

Please clarify, the sensor model I would be able to make using class otb::SensorTransformBase will be a physical sensor model or approximation of physical sensor model in the form of RPC sensor model.


Well you can do both, depending on your need. If your model is based on approximation with RPC, you can derive from the class otbRPCTransformBase where some functions are already coded. If you need a physical sensor model, then you can derive from SensorTransformBase writing your model entirely

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