How to increase number of iterations for SVM Classifier

PC: HPZ440
Ram: 32GB
Processor: Intel(R). Xeon(R) CPU E5-1630 v3 4 Cores 8 Logical Processors

QGIS version: 3.22.7
OTB version: 8.1.1

So, when I run the train vector classifier using SVM as my chosen classification method I run out of iterations for running my process. In all the Orfeo documentation I can find and also YouTube videos I cannot seem to find a way to increase the number of iterations available. Is there any way of achieving the number of iterations so all my training data is utilized?

Thanks in advance

Hi @lmcmaster

Thanks for reporting the problem, indeed I think it is not possible to increase the number of iterations, it could be a nice feature to implement in future OTB versions. You can open an issue in the orfeo-toolbox gitlab

Best regards