How to install OTB in Conda environment (Windows)

Hello all,

I’m stuck of how I can import otbApplication module in a Conda (4.8.2) environment.

I’ve seen in other threads that you can use conda install -c orfeotoolbox otb, however I can’t find the otb package. I’ve find out the package available is for Linux and I’m working in Windows 10.

I’ve tried to install OTB on conda directly from binaries unsuccessfully. I also installed OTB in OSGeo4W. So my question is what I have to do to refer conda where the module is (binaries or OSGeo4W).

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unfortunately, conda package for windows (or macos) is not available yet. I worked a bit on it but found hard to resolve the large dependency chain for OTB :confused:
If you have an existing OTB installation, you should be able to access it inside your conda environment using PYTHONPATH (