How to use OTB inside QGIS

Object based classification using OTB, what’s the sequence of action…

Dear @Treasurepeace1,
You will find the steps to configure QGIS-OTB plugin in this page of the CookBook.
If you have difficulties configuring the plugin, don’t hesitate to explain the situation here, with a description of your system, the actions you already took, and the step that blocks you.
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I’ve configured the otb plugin into qgis…

Please can I get a guide on how to do classification using gqis???
I’m having issues using otb stand-alone

Dear @Treasurepeace1,
To start a classification using QGIS and OTB Plugin, the steps are:

  • Activate the toolbox: Processing > Toolbox

  • Chose the desired processing: In the Processing Toolbox window, open the OTB and the Learning menu. Depending on the algorithm you want to use, chose your processing. For example, double-click the KMeansClassification processing.

  • Configure the processing: A window opens and asks for the parameters of the processing. When all the parameters are set, click the Run button.

I hope it helps.
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