Installation issues

I am yet to successfully install OTB and am hoping there are some clear, correct instructions available. Please help, nearly 2 weeks has gone by…

These instructions Installation — Orfeo ToolBox 7.2.0 documentation are not clear and are difficult to follow when errors appear.

These - OTB Plugin installation - AWF-Wiki - are better, just because instructions like “ignore errors”, even if out of sequence with the steps, are useful.

As an indication of where I am up to, here is how it has gone and the results.

I extracted the file in the documents directory and started here:

"Change to your homes directory
cd ~ "

What is a “homes” directory? I guess it means the home directory. And the way to do that is to type the second instruction “cd ~”, not “Change to your homes directory” (if you look at the formatting on the page you will see why this was an issue):


"Copy the line shown in your terminal without apostrophs. Replace [yourUsername] with your user name!
. /Users/[yourUsername]/Documents/otb/OTB-7.0.0-Darwin64/otbenv.profile

I am not sure what an “apostroph” is, but following these instructions gives - “no such file or directory”:

Next is:

"In terminal type:

nano .profile

This brought up a box titled - “GNU nano 2.0.6 File: .profile”
I hope this is correct, I have no idea what I may have inadvertently done.

Anyway, these instructions are next:

"Paste the line into the editor. Strg + o and Enter for saving the file. Strg + xfor file closing. Test the environment settings:

source .profile

Start Monteverdi Applications:"


None of these do anything inside the “GNU nano 2.0.6 File: .profile” box.

But I did manage to exit, and chose not to “alter the buffer”, because I don’t know what buffer is referenced here.

Back to the terminal window and “source.profile” gives the error - “source: no such file or directory: .profile”

Then these instructions, which do not open mapla:

"Start Monteverdi Applications:


Nearly finished:

"You may also start Mapla and Monteverdi from Applications.

Open Finder. Navigate to Documents/otb/OTB-7.2.0-Darwin64.

Drag and drop Mapla and Monteverdi into Applications.

Navigate to Applications and start Mapla with double click."

Clicking on the apps, either after dragging them to the Applications folder or double-clicking for the OTB folder puts an icon in the dock, but that is all. I can’t tell if that is all that should happen.

Last, I followed instructions for QGIS setup, and got this:

An error has occurred while executing Python code:

TypeError: setText(self, str): argument 1 has unexpected type 'int’

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/Applications/…/Resources/python/plugins/processing/gui/”, line 401, in setEditorData editor.setText(value) TypeError: setText(self, str): argument 1 has unexpected type ‘int’

Python version: 3.7.3 (default, Mar 27 2019, 09:23:15) [Clang 10.0.1 (clang-1001.0.46.3)]
QGIS version: 3.12.2-București București, 8a1fb33634

Python Path:


…many lines of file locations.

Hi, maybe this couls help you. Installing OTB has never been so easy

Dear @Slad1,
I’m sorry to hear that our documentation is not clear enough. We will have to work on that…

We didn’t produce this tutorial, you should contact it’s author directly.

To install the latest version of OTB (7.3) on your macOS X, you should:

  • download the corresponding package
  • put the downloaded file in the directory where you want to install OTB
  • make the archive executable with the command chmod +x
  • extract the archive with the command ./

OTB is now installed on your computer. You can now use Monteverdi or Mapla with the or executable.
If you prefer to use OTB from the command line, you can load OTB’s environment with the command source otbenv.profile

I hope this helps.

Thanks for this. I have done all of this and it seems like OTB is installed. I verified this by following the instructions to install in QGIS (“Configure QGIS Processing tools”). Having said that, when I ran a simple segmentation activity the errors started (I was able to find a post that mentioned this would be fixed with the next release, perhaps not). Anyway, I found a work around within the OTB settings in QGIS, and a plugin that apparently solves the problem).

Anyway, following up on your instructions - I have no idea what monteverdi and mapla do. The best I can find is “I can now use them” as you posted, or “The applications can be launched from the Mapla launcher.” from Installation — Orfeo ToolBox 7.2.0 documentation. What I can glean from this is that Mapla launches applications - note the plural - which “applications” other than OTB are we launching?

Sticking with these instructions, the next paragraph starts - “The package can be used to compile other projects using OTB” - what package is referred to here, what does compiling projects mean, and why is this relevant to installing a piece of software and learning how to use it?

Back to your instructions - after following your 4 points, then double-clicking on the app icons for Mapla , nothing opens. Is this what is supposed to happen? What is supposed to happen - should a window open?

I have not developed OTB, I am not a python coder. I am a hopeful user of the application for the purposes of object based analysis using drone photography. I am not new to spatial analysis.

Anyway, I guess no one need to really respond to this, you could take it as feedback about user documentation and in turn how that may increase uptake of the application.

Thanks again,


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These are entirely more of the same instructions. But thank you for replying, I appreciate you taking the time to find them and post. Sean