Installation of OTB/orfeo toolbox on max silicon

running qgis 3.34 on mac silicone. Have tried installation through homebrew and via docker but nothing shows up on qgis. Not sure what im doing wrong. any help would be much appreciated.

Python seems to crash on qgis also.



As stated in the cookbook OTB is not compiled for mac Silicon, however you can use the binary compiled for Intel Mac via the Rosetta system which translates transparently Intel instructions to ARM instructions (Apple Silicon).

In OTB 9, MacOS support has been dropped entirely as it is impossible to compile all the dependencies for the ARM platform, you can use it via the docker image but only in command line.

Since december 2023, the QGIS plugin is not maintained anymore by the QGIS community, the OTB Community is taking that maintenance at the moment and there will be the possibility to use OTB via QGIS using docker but not for now.

I suggest you install a OTB 8.1.2 version compiled for Mac Intel, you should be able to use monteverdi. I am not sure about QGIS, because it has to use Rosetta to “read” the OTB binaries.