Is this forum dead?

Do people still respond here? Is there somewhere else that people go to for help and advice now?

I am so sorry!
Usually, I do my best to answer questions on this forum. I have to acknowledge that with User Days coming soon and the release of OTB 8.0, I reduced my activity on this forum.

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Thanks for replying no worries. I was just wondering if people still post here. You are only one person after all.

I do not answer very often, but I confirm that the forum is not dead.

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I guess people usually get quite busy in these times: its the end of the year, we all have to finish all the many things in time before santa break :wink:

I my case I generally reply to a topic when I know well the subject.

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Okay thanks. I think I was getting a bit frustrated as the algorithms have been working great when using Sentinel and Landsat data but failing when I try to use Worldview data.