LargeScaleMeanShift dishonour parameter settings


I’m using LargeScaleMeanShift application in OTB 8.1.1 (mapla GUI) on Windows 10. I’m happy with default Spatial radius, Range radius and Minimum Segment Size of 50. The Size of tiles in pixel is also set to default 500. The ‘Temporary files cleaning’ is set ON.

The application generates vector segments sucessfully from the input WV3 (.tif extract roughly 2 km2), however log tab reports;

Unable to remove file …tif
0 small regions will be removed
Warning: Self intersection at …xy coordinates

I can see intermediate. tif files in otb folder.

On the other side, the NBPIX column of the attribute table of the shapefile, when sorted in ascending order, confirm minimum number of 50. It took care of parameter setting, but why it reports " ‘0’ small regions will be removed".

I’m wondering what might be origin of these issues.

Dear @Neelum,

I can reproduce this behavior with Sentine2 images. Thank you for reporting this. I will open an issue in our issue tracker, and investigate to understand why the counter of removed small region is fixed to zero.

Julien :slight_smile:

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Thank you for response and opening an issue. Please do needful to remove other errors as well. Specifically the tool is unable to remove .tiff intermediate files. Don’t have any idea about Warning: Self intersection at …xy coordinates!