Link to Demo data is missing

I cannot find a link to the demo data in
I’ve been able to locate what I need in the git (Data/Input · develop · Main Repositories / otb · GitLab), but I think that a link to the data used in the should be there (actually, also in the cookbook itself).


The problem is that the images displayed in the Cookbook don’t necessarily originate from the same source, different contributors added output images in Documentation/Cookbook/Art when writing new pages. Retrieve the origin of all these images might be hard.

But many f these images comes from the test dataset, as you mentioned. In these cases it would be a good idea to add a link to their location in the otb repo in the description of the images in the Cookbook.


I do not refer to those displayed, but to those used to run the examples, e.g.

otbcli_HooverCompareSegmentation -ingt maur_GT.tif -inms maur_labelled.tif -outgt maur_colored_GT.tif uint8

in HooverCompareSegmentation — Orfeo ToolBox 7.2.0 documentation
Those are the ones that are really essential.